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Axel-Olivier ICARD fini ses études dans le domaine de l'art en 1997.

Il commence une carrière de photographe pendant cinq ans, dont trois passés aux États-Unis.

Mais l'univers de la photo et de la « deux dimensions » ne le satisfont plus. Il décide alors de se tourner vers l'objet et choisit l'acier comme matériau principal.

Outre le fait de fabriquer du mobilier en pièces uniques avec des objets de récupération, il crée une technique unique qui lui permet de reproduire des photographies sur de l'acier. Il travaille avec ses clichés ou ceux des autres. Le travail est entièrement fait à la main et aux pinceaux, puis rincé et verni. Les teintes restent celles de l'acier, allant de l'acier brossé aux couleurs bronze.


Architect,designer and photographer Axel-Olivier Icard escapes to New York as soon as he graduates. Alas, the American dream turned to a nightmare since he was without the indispensable "green card".

Back in France, he relieves his boredom by building a workshop in his father's garage. This becomes the nexus where he starts to create and give a second life to pieces salvaged from manufacturing and industrial sites as well as recyled art. Fueled by passion,Axel-Olivier welds, sands, varnishes, buffers .... He refines his technique, pinpoints its intricacies and sharpens his creations.

Fascinatedby the attribute of steel and energized by the originality of his photography, he decides to join both interested and create synergy with an innovative and proprietary process. The process begins with framing out metal steel sheets, then sanding and filing them to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, where he then projects his personal photographs; images of New York, Hong-Kong, Lyon and elsewhere. Once the image has been rendered onto the steel place, he proceeds with the chemical processing. Images become blackened while others are lifted but there is always contrasts on the finishes, ranging from matte to glossy. The result is quite astonishing and is suitable forany environment , even the kitchen!

A keeper of history to create new stories, Axel-Olivier recovers,reuses and recycles wood, steel, leather and concrete combining themto recreate original and unique furniture. 


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Coté magasine, Lyon people, Paris Match, Actives, Ego Style, Ateliers d'Art, Coté Est.....  


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